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  1. Als 30-Meter-Band bezeichnet man den Frequenzbereich von 10,1 MHz bis 10,15 MHz. Er liegt im Kurzwellenspektrum und ist ein WARC-Band. Der Name leitet sich von der ungefähren Wellenlänge dieses Frequenzbereiches ab. Da das 30-Meter-Band ein WARC-Band ist, ist hier kein Contest ­betrieb erlaubt
  2. QRP Labs QCX CW Transceiver 30m Band Amateurfunk 98 € 07743 Thüringen - Jena. 23.03.2021. Anzeigennr.: 1709247607. Details. Versand möglich Versand möglich; Beschreibung. Komplett aufgebaut, abgeglichen und getestet. Wird verkauft wie auf dem Bild zu sehen. Ohne weiteres Zubehör. Versand mit DHL und Trackingnummer = 5,80 euro Keine Garantie, keine Rücknahme. Nachricht schreiben.
  3. VHF+/CW; VHF+/SSB ; 1.8/3.5/7MHz; 14/21/28MHz; 10/18/24MHz; nodes. simple list; detailed list; telnet list; FT8. FT8 Announcement; Spotting FT8; downloads. Running multiple Skimmers; Aggregator; patt3ch.lst; about. A Short History; Telnet servers; Get Smart About the RBN; Using the RBN; Who We Are; RBN Value Multipliers; ARCluster V6 Filtering ; Red Pitaya, preparing; contact us; world wide.
  4. Here is a short video explaining 30 meters. Have you ever operated on 30 meters? 10 mhz is what I call a Hidden GEM because not of people utilize it, there..

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CW-30M Available in 7 models with different airflow configurations. Download Product Feature Sheet Select a Model. Proven Reliability: Built Since 1986; High Quality materials & construction for lasting performance. Quiet, Yet Powerful Enough to cool a properly insulated space (R20) as large as 2,000 ft GM47: Simple 30m Band QRP CW-Transceiver . This simple QRP transceiver for the 30 m band did not result from a detailed requirement profile. I simply had some NE592 broadband amplifiers in my junk box, waiting for an application. After performing some tests, that application was quickly found: The amps should become part of a superhet transceiver. There is need for amplification in several.

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30m CW-Transceiver - GM47: Simple 30m Band QRP CW-Transceiver [ Hits: 1199 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0 ] 40 meter QRP Transceiver - This semi-homebrew QRP (low power) CW transceiver is based on the ARK-40 transceiver kit, by S&S Engineering. With its built-in CW keyer and 5 watts of power, the basic ARK-40 transceiver is an outstanding 40 meter CW performer [ Hits: 9138 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 6.85. I started to discover the 30m band by using an adapted version of my 80m single-board CW transceiver. The first impressions were quite encouraging, so I decided to build a portable transceiver for this interesting band. There was no dilemma about the modulation the transceiver has to support, since the SSB is on 30m not allowed. I also decided not just to adapt an earlier design, but to design. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 100W SSB/CW HF Transceiver (80m, 40m, 30m, 20m) HBR4HFS band group #1 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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Hence the design constraints were: small size and light weight, low power consumption, CW QRP rig and at least 3 bands. For example, a night band (e.g., 40m) a day band (e.g., 20m) and a contest free band (e.g., 30m). To this end, one of the mountain-topper rigs by LNR precision would be an ideal choice. However, in my opinion they are. Band: CW: Phone: 160m: 1810 kHz 1843 kHz: 1910 kHz 80m: 3560 kHz 3985 kHz 3690 kHz: 60m 5346.5 kHz (Ch2) 40m: 7030 kHz 7122 kHz: 7090 kHz 7285 kHz: 30m: 10106 kHz 10116 kHz 20m: 14060 kHz: 14285 kHz: 17m: 18096 kHz: 18130 kHz: 15m: 21060 kHz 21285 kHz 21385 kHz: 12m: 24906 kHz: 24950 kHz: 10m: 28060 kHz 28365 kHz 28385 kHz: 6m: 50096 kHz: 50185 kHz: 2m: 144060 kHz: 144285 kHz Frequencies in. 160-Meter-Band; Frequenzbereich max. Bandbreite Nutzung; 1,810-1,838 MHz: 200 Hz: CW, Aktivitätszentrum QRP 1836 kHz: 1,838-1,840 MHz: 500 Hz: Schmalban

Das 20-Meter-Amateurfunkband erstreckt sich von 14,0 MHz bis 14,35 MHz.Der Name leitet sich von der ungefähren Wellenlänge dieses Frequenzbereiches ab. Es ist das klassische Weitverkehrsband ().Im Sonnenfleckenmaximum ist es fast rund um die Uhr verwendbar, so dass Funkverbindungen mit allen Kontinenten möglich sind. Im Sonnenfleckenminimum hingegen ist das 20-Meter-Band nur tagsüber bzw. World's leading amateur radio web site with news, technical articles, discussions, practice exams and more

Amateur Radio Band Plans 10MHz (30m) Max Bandwidth [Hz] UK Usage 10.100-10.140 200 Telegraphy (CW) 10.116kHz - QRP (low power) centre of activity 10.140-10.150 500 All narrow band modes AX25 packet should not be used on the 10MHz band. Unattended Machine Generated Modes (Digimodes) should avoid the use of the 10MHz band. The 10MHz band is allocated to the Amateur Service only on a Secondary basis SSB & CW modes *. 2x IRF 520 Final RF amplifier *. up to 25 watts RF power output (max power in CW Mode) *. CW mode using 700Hz tone modulation generated by microcontroller *. 16x2 char LCD *. Si5351 VFO and BFO synthesizer based on RTCMono controller *. Dimensions 150 x 150 x 56 mm Band Coverage : *. 20m (14.000.000 - 14.500.000), 9-15 MHz BPF, 15 MHz LPF *. Bands range are programmable, as. .54-30.5 30 bands CW AM 12 Collins R-390 Government Collins R-390A Government 1955-1970 0.5-32 double conversion 32 band valve AM CW FSK 0.1 1 2 4 6 16 16 0 1 Cubic: R-2411V Professional dual receivers AM CW FSK LSB USB 0.5 1 3 8 100 per side 4 44 2 Cubic R 3050 Professional 5 21 2 Cubic R-3500-20 Government LF MF HF rack 5 21 2 RS232 Drake: DSR2 1974 .01-30 triple conversion synthesised 0.3. Home › Ramsey 30m (10MHz) CW Transmitter Kit QRP-30. Ramsey 30m (10MHz) CW Transmitter Kit QRP-30. €50 00 €50,0

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EGV+ Three band 40, 30 and 20m QRP CW Transceiver Kit. GENERAL: Frequency coverage: 40 - 30 - 20m (6 to 16MHz continuous tuning) KB-2 Keyer built in. Tuning steps on two ranges: 10Hz-100Hz-1kHz and 10kHz-100kHz-1MHz. Mode: CW; RIT function: without frequency limit; Power requirements: 12-14VDC 1-2A transmit, 0.14 - 0.25A receive. Antenna impedance: 50 ohms. Controls: Tuning-pushbutton. The QCX (QRP Labs Xcvr): a feature-packed, high performance, single band 5W CW transceiver kit with WSPR beacon and built-in alignment and test equipment. Available for 80, 60, 40, 30, 20 or 17m bands. Hard-copy assembly instructions are not included in the kit

CW-30M-AA - M A N System

The Multi-band, Direct Conversion CW transceiver (MBDC) is designed primarily, and furnished, for operation on the 160 and 80 meter ham bands, with details on how to change the two bands to any of the 40m, 30m, 20m, and 17m bands. The wide tuning range of the DDS VFO also allows for general coverage tuning of 100 kHz to 21.5 MHz and the Direct Conversion receiver allows for the reception of. The QCX is a 5W, single-band, high performance CW transceiver kit with WSPR beacon, and built-in alignment/test equipment. It is available for 80, 60, 40, 30, 20 or 17m bands. See below for the long list of features! This is a kit of parts that you assemble yourself. There are NO surface mount components to solder (two SMD ICs are already factory pre-soldered). Please see QCX Frequently. KD1JV Tri-Bander CW transceiver. Specifications Any three ham bands, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17 or 15 meters, choose at time of order. 5 watts output on all bands with 13.8V supply Built in mode B Iambic keyer with 5 to 40 wpm code speed and two 63 character message memories. Receiver sensitivity, 0.2 uV MSD DDS VFO for rock steady stability with 50 Hz and 200 Hz tuning rates Easy to read four digit.

EK1C 3 band CW transceiver fully assembled and tested. Covers 40, 30 and 20 meter bands. TJ5A HF 20W SSB CW Transceiver 8 Band version new! Covers 80 to 12 meter bands (no 10 meter band). DP-1 QRP Digital Power & SWR meter. Fully assembled and ready to use. I have been using the DP-1 for more than a year now. I must say that I am very satisfied with its accuracy and responsiveness. MFJ. The three band CW transceiver constructed in the beginning of my radio amateur carreer was my most used transceiver in that period. But it had a lot of disadvantages. No 30 meter band, some frequency drift, no accurate frequency read out, a double side band direct conversion receiver, spurious emissions did not comply with the current limits. For Novice 75m band DSB/CW TRX 22/ 33W. 118. Monte este SDR simples e se surpreenda ! SDR experimental para 40m. SDR experiments UAU ! 119. CARCARA DSB / CW HF ALL BAND TRX . DSB CW para todas as bandas ! ALL HF band DSB CW TRX . 120. DDS2 BUILDING THE MODULE AD9850 . DDS SIMPLES E BARATO 2. DDS AD9850 MODULE SIMPLE AND EASE . 121. AVALIANDO. You can actually find slow CW all over the bands. As long as you can drum up a QSO with a partner who will also QRS, you're good to go. That said, you are probably more likely to find QRS in the old 40mtr novice band as suggested, but many of the SKCC crew hang around 7050 and 14050 and most are not speed demons themselves

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  1. CW-Profil Kaltverformte Stahlblechprofile mit C-förmigem Querschnitt nach EN 14195, vornehmlich zur Anwendung als Ständerprofil von Montagewänden, aber auch als Tragprofil von freitragenden Decken
  2. The renowned DX Summit by OH8X has been a reliable source of current and historical DX activity on radio for many years
  3. A band plan refers to a voluntary division of a band to avoid interference between incompatible modes. Resources. Sharing arrangements; Detailed packet frequencies [PDF] Phone patch, autopatch and HF/VHF/UHF operating guidelines Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide 2200 and 600 - meter bands. General, Advanced and Amateur Extra class licensees are authorized to use these Amateur Bands.
  4. 30 Meters. 30 Meters is a narrow digital band, which is shared with non-hams that runs from 10.1-10.15 MHz and has a maximum power of 200 watts PEP. License Class: General, Advanced, Amateur Extra classes: Frequency Range: 10.100-10.150 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data. 20 Meters. 20 meters is one of the most popular ham bands, especially with DX stations. The band spans from 14.-14.35 MHz and is most.
  5. band plans and operating habits. www.rac.ca 10 Metres (28.0 - 29.7 MHz) 28.000 29.700 28.070 28.1895 28.2005 28.30 28.320 28.680 28.683 29.300 29.520 60 Metres (5.3 - 5.4 MHz) 5.3305 5.3465 5.3570 5.3715 5.4035 CW CW CW CW CW CW CW CW CW CW CW CW C W C W CW CW C W Digital QRSS Digital Digital Digital D Digital D D T V T V T V T V T V T B V.
  6. US Amateur Radio Bands Allocations: 160 METERS: General Advanced Extra: CW, RTTY, Data, SSB(Phone), Image: 1.800- 2.000 Mhz: Amateur station operating at 1.900-2.000 Mhz must not cause harmful interference to the radio location service and are afforded no protection from radiolocation operations

CW-30M - M A N System

de dx freq obs time . IF THE SPOTS LIST DONT SHOW, PLEASE TRY DISABLING THE MAPS, ON THE RIGHT SIDE OPTIONS MENU AND RELOAD THE PAGE. We are sorry for the. MRFX1K80H: 1800 W CW over 1.8-400 MHz, 65 V Wideband RF Power LDMOS Transistor. Maine Radio Amateurs Helping to Deploy AM Band Public Information Radio Service. New Design QYT KT-8900D Dual band Quad Display Mobile with Big LCD Screen. 5X1XA Uganda. IARU Receives Gift of hamradio.org Domai

GM47: Simple 30m Band QRP CW-Transceive

All sponsors must have a CW QSO with you on at least two bands. In recent years, just over half of those nominated have gone on to attain membership. If you are active on the bands, particularly around 25kHz up from the band edge (10120 to 10125, 18080 to 18085 and 24905 to 24910kHz in the WARC bands, 5373 on 60m and 50095 on 6m), you will often find FOC members and, if you can hold a QSO at. cw/ssb: 144,200 mhz* in FM kein Relaisbetrieb - * Orientierungsfrequenzen Als Stationen des Distrikt MVP gelten Teilnehmer mit den DOKs V01 bis V30, Z87, Z89, DVV, MCM, MVP, YLV 30: Windload at 130 km/h 590 N / 0,74 m² / 8,0 feet² Price incl. 1:2 balun 3 KW RTTY-CW / 6 KW SSB and multi switch system *** 2.069,00 EUR Price plain SSB version incl. 1:2 balun 3 KW RTTY-CW / 6 KW SSB *** 1.549,0 CW Spotlight. Noel Clarke & Ashley Walters... (Ep. 108) NEW ! Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right. Season 3, Ep. 307 Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2021. After the Salvatore School runs into some financial difficulties, Lizzie suggests they hold their first fundraiser. Legacies. Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All... (Ep. 307) NEW ! Tracks. Season 1, Ep. 107 Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2021. Captain James.

CW Lasers Overview. RPMC Lasers offers a wide selection of Continuous Wave (CW) Lasers and Diode Modules. This page includes all our CW DPSS Lasers, CW Fiber Lasers, and our CW Laser Diode Modules and Turn-key Systems. CW Lasers and Modules are available in the UV, Visible, and Near Infrared (IR) Wavelengths VHF+/CW; VHF+/SSB ; 1.8/3.5/7MHz; 14/21/28MHz; 10/18/24MHz; skimmers; downloads. agreggator; about. about this project; what is CW Skimmer; getting started; link to us; history; contact us; world wide / zoom to US / zoom to Europe / zoom to North Atlantic. show/hide my last filters. rows to show: skimmer.dxwatch.com cancel filter selection search spot by callsign. search callsign: DX DE de: dx.

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The heatmap shows the activity as reported by the RBN (CW/PSK/RTTY, no FT8) of the last 12 months. You can scroll back to January 2015. You can scroll back to January 2015. Previous Next Filter: 160m 80m 60m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m 4m 2 EDFA-CW-L0-RS-35-30-FCA 1570-1610 nm, L-band single-channel, RS-232, +3.3 & +2.5 VDC: 35: 30: 150 x 146 x 20.5: EDFA-CW-L0-RS-36-30-FCA 1570-1610 nm, L-band single-channel, RS-232, +24 VDC: 36: 30: 200 x 100 x 49: EDFA-CW-PM-C0-HR-17-20-FCA 1530-1565 nm, C-band single-channel, Polarization Maintaining, RS-232, +3.3 VDC: 17: 20: 71 x 43 x 12 : EDFA-CW-PM-C0-SubMR-30-20-FCA 1540-1565 nm, C-band. Willkommen im Ebay-Shop von cw-mobile.de. Hier erhalten Sie Top-Angebote aus dem Multimediabereich zu einem unschlagbaren Preis- /Leistungsverhältnis Operating Time: Number of QSOs: First QSO: 2014-02-11 01:22:00 Last QSO: 2014-02-17 21:23:00 Total QSOs: 2037 Unique Calls: 1681 Band/Mode breakdow

CW, Phone : Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m : Classes: Single Op (Low/High) Max operating hours: 24 : Max power: HP: >200W LP: 200W : Exchange: RS(T) + Name + (state/province/country) Work stations: Once per band per mode : QSO Points: 10 points per QSO with CLARA member 5 points per QSO with CLARA family member 5 points per QSO with non-member YL 1 point per QSO with OM : Multipliers: Each VE. Bank: (Non-Florida PALM role) Any financial institution providing banking services to the State of Florida DFS CW.30.4 Process Payments Page 9 of 9 10/19/2020 Report Number Report Description Report Frequency Audience R4 Post Audit Sampling - a report to manage payments subject to post audit sampling Periodic, Monthly DFS R5 Prompt Payment Compliance - a report that measures the time. If Manual Payments were made from a bank account that resides outside of Florida PALM, the reconciliation occurs outside of Florida PALM. Table 2: Process Steps Included on CW Business Process Model Flow CW.30.5.2 Manage ACH/EFT Notifications Swim Lane - Definition Bank: (Non-Florida PALM role) A financial institution that processes financia Operating Time: Number of QSOs: First QSO: 2015-05-19 21:46:38 Last QSO: 2015-05-26 11:02:47 Total QSOs: 5412 Unique Calls: 4479 Band/Mode breakdow

100W SSB/CW HF Transceiver (80m, 40m, 30m, 20m) HBR4HFS

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  1. The 40-30 CW Transmitter (C) 2013-2016 G. Forrest Cook Introduction. This project involves the construction of a three-tube ham radio CW (morse code) transmitter for the 40 and 30 meter amateur radio bands. The tube set includes a 6AU6 preamp, a 5763 driver and a 6L6GC power amp. Output power is around 20 watts with a 500V B+ supply. The transmitter is driven by an external DDS VFO and can.
  2. New updated model features CW transceive on the 40/30/20/17/15 meter bands (previously 80/40/30/20). Receiver sensitivity on 17m is reduced from other bands as it shares a common bandpass filter with 15m, which is why we are referring to this as a 4 band radio rather than 5. Think of 17m as a free add-on accessory
  3. HF, VHF & UHF band plans. Amateur Radio Band Plans. 160 Meter (1.8-2.0 MHz) Bandplan. 1.8-1.840 CW, digital. 1.810 QRP CW calling freq. 1.830-1.840 Intercontinental QSOs onl
  4. Dual Band Trap Dipole Antenna Kit: Pac 12 Fixed Coil Antenna Kit: Sideband Transceivers . BitX20A/17A SSB Transceiver: KD1JV Survivor 75m SSB Transceiver: CW Multiband Transceivers : PFR3B 20M/30M/40M Transceiver: Weber Tri-bander Transceiver: Multi-band Direct Conversion CW xcvr: CW Single Band Transceivers : Ft Tuthill 15M CW Transceiver: Ft Tuthill 160M CW Transceiver: SMK-2 40m Transceiver.
  5. With just a single frequency range to manage, CW Series single-band antennas make the job of antenna selection simple and, for LTE cellular applications, typically outperform multiband counterparts over desired frequencies and reject signals from unwanted frequencies. CW Series LTE band antennas are useful in single-band LTE-M (Cat-M1) and NB-IoT cellular IoT solutions and are easy to select.

The QRPGuys Portable Multi-Band End Fed Antenna is designed as a portable 40/30/20m two trap wire antenna with a built-in tuner and SWR indicator. It consists of a main board with tuner and SWR indicator, two trap pcb's and an end wire support. It incorporates the N7VE led SWR indicator and has a board mounted female BNC for connection to your rig. The built-in absorption bridge design will. CW : Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m : Classes: Single Op All Band (Low/High) Single Op Single Band (Low/High) Single Op QRP Multi-Op SWL : Max power: HP: >100 watts LP: 100 watts QRP: 5 watts : Exchange: ON: RST + Serial No. + province non-ON: RST + Serial No. Work stations: Once per band : QSO Points: 10 points per QSO with Belgian station 3 points per QSO with other stations in an European Union. CW : Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m : Classes: Single Op All Band Single Op Single Band Multi-Single Club SWL : Max operating hours: Single Op: 28 hours in no more than 3 increments of at least 1 hour each : Max power: HP: >100 Watts LP: 100 Watts QRP: 5 Watts : Exchange: French: RST + Department/Prefix non-French: RST + Serial No. Work stations: Once per band : QSO Points: French: 6 points per.


A PLL VFO/controller for a multi-band SSB/CW transceiver, targeting Arduino Nano and si5351. The script is SP_VFO_Controller.ino. An initialiser script must be executed once to initialise EEPROM. This script has been used for a number of homebrew transceiver, receiver and transmitter projects at VH3HN, each using the Arduino Nano/si5351 combination. All these projects share this common script. Bei cw-mobile.de haben Sie eine große Auswahl an Scannern und Druckern, die Sie günstig kaufen können - ganz nach Ihren Anforderungen. Business-Notebook, Smartphone/Handy oder Drucker kaufen - mit Sicherheit! Sie wissen nun: Ganz gleich, ob Sie für Ihr Business-Notebook oder Ihren Tablet-PC einen Drucker kaufen möchten, komplette PC-Systeme suchen oder ein neues Smartphone brauchen.

Video: band: 160m,80m,60m,40m,30m,20m,17m,15m,12m,10m / mode: cw

27.03.2021 15:00 - 16:30 Uhr Jungbläsernachmittag. Ein Online-Nachmittag für Jungbläserinnen und Jungbläsern mit AusbilderInnen. Bitte anmelden bei einem der BPW´s, ihr bekommt dann den Zugang und die Noten von uns geschickt. 16.04.2021 19:00 Digitale Chorprobe mit Heftvorstellung Bläsermusik 2021 Gastreferent: Hans-Ulrich Nonnenmann, (LPW des Ev. Jugendwerks Württemberg ejw) Wir. Amateur Radio DX Cluster online, cluster para iPhone, telnet cluster dxfun.com:8000, busqueda de spots, propagación, locators, DX News..

FISTS Centre of Activity Frequencies

BANDS: Six bands only: 1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz. Observance of established band plans is strongly encouraged. III. CONTEST EXCHANGE: SSB: RS report plus CQ Zone number of the station location (e.g., 59 05). CW: RST report plus CQ Zone (e.g., 599 05). IV. SCORING: A. Score: The final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of zone and country multipliers. Example. Latest Contacts for DJ0MZ at QRZ.com : de date band mode grid Country op; SP6AEG: 2020-11-04: 80m: CW: JO81nd: Poland: ANDRZEJ ZGIE You will hear 30 seconds of my one-valve CW transmitter in operation from my QTH (near London, England), during an 80m CW QSO on 30-Nov-02 with Rene ON4KAR (in Mettet, Belgium). Both stations reported 579 and were using 5W QRP power, G0UPL to a longwire antenna and ON4KAR to a G5RV. The recording from Hans-Peter's QTH in Rheinhausen, Germany was made using the 100Hz mechanical filter of his.

fx-9a | Ham Radio TransceiverYoukits TT1A 2 Band CW transmitter kit ‹ SPARKY's BlogLNR LD-5 QRP HF Transceiver ‹ SPARKY's BlogMountain Topper Tri-Bander | QRZ Now – Amateur Radio News

For more than a century IBM has been dedicated to every client's success and to creating innovations that matter for the worl Volume 30 September 1919 - April 1920. Preface: 1919. Speech at a Non-Party Conference of the Workers and Men of the Red army of Basmanny, Lefortovo alexeyevskoye and Sokolniki Districts. September 3, 1919 . 36k: How the Bourgeoisie Utilises Renegades: 44k: To the American Workers : 12k: The Tasks of the Working Women's Movement In the Soviet Republic Speech Delivered at the Fourth Moscow. dx call: date: band: mode: entity: pa3ggi: 2020-05-02: 30m: cw: netherlands: tz4am: 2020-04-30: 17m: cw: mali: am3ward: 2020-04-29: 12m: cw: spain: am95ward: 2020-04.

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